Snow Days on Snow Days.

Hello, devoted (or not so devoted) readers of my blog!!

I’m sorry that I have not been posting recently! Nothing super exciting has happened around here… until this past week!

So I woke up Monday morning to a beautiful blanket of fresh snow all across campus! I crossed my fingers before checking my e-mail, and, sure enough, classes were cancelled! I got to enjoy a day of freedom to catch up on my TV shows and homework as well as enjoying all of the gorgeous snow. We had class on Tuesday as per usual, and then I woke up yesterday morning.

Now, when there is freezing rain in Michigan it’s NO BIG DEAL. The roads freeze and get a little slick, the snow melts, but nothing bad happens. It is a completely normal occurrence. But apparently on the East coast when there is freezing rain, THE APOCALYPSE HAPPENS. I’m not joking. Class was still on yesterday morning, they just told us to be careful and watch for falling branches. I was like LOL what? Falling branches? Nah, I’ll be okay.


Went to my first class. Perfectly normal French class. After class, I got a text that said that classes were cancelled because of all of the trees falling everywhere. I went to my next class just to be sure. When I got there, my professor was there and about ten of my classmates. We waited it out for ten minutes until we got the majority of the class there, and then had class. After class, I went back to my dorm and got my feet soaked again.

(Oh yeah, and there was an electrical fire in the building that my second class was in).

We went to lunch, enjoyed not having class, and then IT HAPPENED.

One o’clock rolls around, and the power goes off. I expected it to just go back on, as it usually does at home. It doesn’t. It stays off for about sixteen hours. They got generators running on one of the dining halls and some of the dorms. We were told our dorm is the lowest on the list for priority, so we would probably get power by ten o’clock last night. We didn’t.

The power didn’t come on until about nine o’clock this morning. EVEN THOUGH THEY INSISTED ON THE WEBSITE THAT EVERY DORM HAD POWER AT SIX O’CLOCK A.M. LIARS. So it was a chilly night, but I got to use my comforter for the first time since arriving, which was kind of nice. We hung out in the hallways all night under the emergency lights so it was kind of an adventure.

But mostly annoying.

ALSO: they cancelled class at seven this morning, then said classes were back on at eight (for (9:55 classes). That pissed A LOT of people off. Thankfully, I had one class today, and it was at 8:45, so I didn’t have to go! So yay! Snow day for me!!

Alright, done with my rant. Hopefully, things will get back on schedule so we can actually have classes next week!

Even though they are predicting another snowstorm for this weekend. Joy.

Until next time!! ❤

The carnage:




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